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Any car accident can be a disastrous event for those involved. However, when colliding with a large commercial truck, these crashes can be especially severe and deadly. Commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, tankers, flatbeds, and more are notoriously heavy, bulky, difficult to maneuver, and slow to stop. When crashing into a smaller vehicle, it is generally the occupants of the car or SUV who suffer the most. 

Strickland Agner Pittman represents those who have been victimized by negligent drivers and other parties, including truck drivers, trucking companies, and the manufacturers of trucks and their equipment. 

Discuss your case in a free evaluation with a Goldsboro truck accident attorney at Strickland Agner Pittman. Connect with us online or at (919) 893-0090 to get started. 

Truck Accident Claims in North Carolina

The National Safety Council has reported that 4,842 trucks were involved in fatal traffic accidents in 2020. While this was slightly lower than in 2019, truck accident fatalities have been on the rise since 2011. Furthermore, while trucks represent only four percent of all registered vehicles, they were involved in nine percent of all fatal collisions. In 2020, 4,965 individuals were killed in truck accidents. The majority of these were those in passenger and other smaller vehicles at 71 percent as opposed to truckers. 

Because of the complex factors involved in truck accidents, they require extensive investigation. The trucking industry is subject to state and federal regulations which, if violated, can be the cause of crashes. As mentioned above, truck accidents are also complicated by various entities who may be held liable, all of whom must be investigated to determine fault. These accident claims may require accident reconstruction experts and their testimony in court as well. 

Truck accidents can have many causes, including:

  • Fatigued truck drivers
  • Drunk or drugged drivers
  • Speeding
  • Other traffic law violations
  • Poor truck maintenance 
  • Improperly/overloaded cargo
  • Defective truck parts (brakes, tires, etc.)
  • Faulty road maintenance, design, or construction
  • Poorly trained drivers

In addition to this, large commercial trucking companies may have their own teams of lawyers working to reduce their liability. These, along with insurance adjusters working for their employers, may do everything possible to shift the fault to you so that your claim can be denied. Because of these multiple factors working against you, you need an experienced team on your side whose only objective is to help you secure maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. 

By contacting Strickland Agner Pittman, you can put a highly experienced personal injury attorney on your side seeking maximum compensation in these complicated claims. 

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Trucking accidents are generally much more complicated than motor vehicle accidents due to the various parties who may have caused or contributed to the accident. Our team is well-equipped and experienced in all of the complex factors involved in truck accident claims and lawsuits. 

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