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At Strickland Agner Pittman, our compassionate personal injury lawyers are committed to serving injured individuals and families across Fayetteville and throughout Cumberland County.

Our Fayetteville personal injury attorneys are proud to live and raise our families in this community. We consider Fayetteville as more than just a place to run our business. We attend area churches, give to local charities, and participate in community organizations here. Our attorneys are truly a part of the community we serve.

If you have been hurt or lost a family member due to someone else’s negligence, you can trust our respected attorneys to handle every aspect of your personal injury claim or wrongful death case. We work hard to take the stress off our clients, so you can focus on healing.

Please call or contact us online today to schedule a free and confidential legal consultation. We can meet with you in your home, at the hospital, or at our Fayetteville law office ─ wherever is most convenient for you. Contact us if you need a Fayetteville car accident lawyer.

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Our Fayetteville Personal Injury Lawyer Practice AreasPersonal injury law book with gavel on the side

With many decades of combined legal experience, our Fayetteville personal injury lawyers have the resources and the skills to handle a broad range of accident cases. Although every case we work on is unique, some of the common types of cases we take include:

Car accidents Our Fayetteville car accident attorneys are committed to helping those who have been hurt through no fault of their own in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and other large commercial vehicles. We know how insurance companies operate, and we will fight fiercely for the maximum compensation our clients deserve.

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents Because these types of accidents often result in catastrophic injury or even death, our attorneys work carefully to investigate the crash and uncover every potential source of compensation. We also build a strong case that is aimed at countering any insurance company attempts to push blame onto the victim, a tactic that insurers use to try to avoid payouts.

Workplace accidents Our skilled legal team has helped countless Fayetteville workers who have been injured on the job in construction, manufacturing and many other industries. Our firm has extensive experience navigating the complex workers’ compensation system, and we always explore any options for pursing compensation from a third party that may be held responsible.

Dog bites and animal attacks Whether you were attacked by a stranger’s dog or a family friend’s pet, you have a right to pursue compensation through the owner’s insurance company. We can review your case for free to determine what policies the dog’s owner has that should offer payment for your injury.

Slip-and-fall accidents Property owners have a duty to keep their premises free from dangerous conditions or warn visitors of hazards. If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property, you should talk to one of our experienced attorneys today about your rights.

In addition to personal injury cases, our full-service law firm represents Fayetteville residents who are coping with a range of other legal matters, including Social Security Disability claims, criminal defense and family law.

No matter what type of legal issue you or your family is dealing with, let us help. Contact us today to talk to our skilled Fayetteville attorneys, and let us answer any questions you have about your case. An initial consultation is always free.


Legal Help in Fayetteville

Our Fayetteville law office is located on Dick Street just a block from the Cumberland County Courthouse. Although we often meet with clients in our office, our attorneys are always available to meet with you in your home or anywhere else that may be more convenient for you.

Our seasoned personal injury attorneys negotiate aggressively in pursuit of full and fair settlements for our clients. However, we are always prepared to go to trial if the insurance company refuses to do what’s right. The courthouse in downtown Fayetteville is located at:

Cumberland County Courthouse

117 Dick St.
Fayetteville NC 28301
(910) 475-3000

In cases where law enforcement was called to the scene, such as in a car accident, our attorneys will follow up with the responding officer to obtain a copy of the crash report. The local law enforcement agencies we work with include:

Fayetteville Police Department

467 Hay St.
Fayetteville NC 28301
(910) 433-1529

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office

131 Dick St.
Fayetteville NC 28301
(910) 323-1500

Unfortunately, some of the people we help are not well enough to leave the hospital yet, so our team is available to meet with injured victims or their families at local medical centers, such as:

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

1638 Owen Drive
Fayetteville NC 28304
(910) 615-4000

Fayetteville VA Medical Center

2300 Ramsey St.
Fayetteville NC 28301
(910) 488-2120

How to Protect Your Rights If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident

A man has just been in a Fayetteville car accidentThe moments after a car accident can be chaotic. You may be rattled from your injuries or feeling rushed to leave the scene so you can get to work or pick up a child from school. It can be tempting to try to push through the pain and stay on schedule.

However, it is crucial that you take care of yourself first and take the appropriate steps to protect your rights after a crash:

Go to the emergency room. You should get emergency medical care, even if you decide not to call an ambulance. In most cases, it’s best to at least be seen at the ER because if the ER doctors know you were in a car crash, they will do a thorough exam, take X-rays, and document your injuries. You may have underlying disc injuries, a herniation, internal bleeding, or small fractures that you are not aware of yet. If it’s a very minor crash, and no one appears hurt, you may be OK to call your primary care physician or go to an urgent care clinic for a quick check-up. However, if you wait several days to be seen, you just give the insurance company a way to argue that maybe you hurt yourself some other way.

Call the police. The responding officer will document details from the scene and file an accident report that could be helpful in your claim. In addition, the officer may ticket the at-fault driver for the infraction that led to the crash.

Take pictures. Unless you are too hurt to do so, try to snap a few quick pictures of the crash scene, including all the vehicles involved and any visible injuries (scratches, cuts, bruises, etc.).

Document everything. When you are on the scene, be observant. Try to remain calm and look around. What do you see? Are there street signs, traffic signals, traffic cameras? Was the other driver on his or her phone? Are there witnesses? Make a mental note of these things and write everything you remember down as soon as you get a chance. Try to get names and phone numbers from any witnesses that stop. Ask them if they’d be kind enough to stick around to give their statement to police.

Call a knowledgeable Fayetteville car accident lawyer. Once you’ve received emergency medical treatment and are medically stable, call our experienced team of Fayetteville car accident attorneys. We will explain all of your options so that you can pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve.

How Our Fayetteville Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

When you suffer a serious personal injury, seeking compensation can be a long and complex process. Unfortunately, negligent drivers and their insurance companies do not just voluntarily hand over reasonable and just compensation. Often, an experienced Fayetteville car accident lawyer must enlist a team of legal professionals and expert witnesses to craft a careful and compelling case for compensation. This typically includes:

A woman visits our Fayetteville law officeConducting a thorough and comprehensive crash investigation. It’s all about the facts. Every good outcome ultimately comes down to the investigation and the facts. Once you hire us, our team moves into action right away, talking to witnesses, looking into records, and trying to determine exactly what happened, why, and how it impacts your life.

Paying tedious attention to detail when gathering evidence. A big part of the investigation is researching evidence and gathering documents. This often means obtaining police reports, crash reconstruction materials or reports, witness statements, photographs, dash cam videos, medical records and bills, X-rays and MRIs, and just about anything else you can think of that could support your case and help us win.

Obtaining professional opinions from industry experts. Sometimes it’s not enough to just review the evidence. We maintain close relationships with some of the industry’s brightest and most experienced specialists, including engineers, physicians, legal nurse consultants, crash reconstruction experts, private investigators, and more. This helps us to really put on a strong case and show that your injuries are more than just a diagnosis on paper, but rather, if your case goes to trial, we can prove to a jury the severity and impact of what happened.

Advocating for you during skilled and aggressive negotiations. All negotiations begin with leverage. The more the insurance company realizes that it will lose at trial, the more likely it will be to pay you a fair and reasonable settlement. Our goal in every case is to obtain swift, fair, and reasonable compensation for our clients. We handle the negotiations so you can take care of yourself and your family.

Fighting fiercely for you at trial. If the insurance company won’t pay or doesn’t value your injuries, the next step is to file a car accident lawsuit against those responsible. This forces the responsible party to come to court and answer for his or her negligence. If your case has to go to trial, you can count on Strickland Agner Pittman to handle your case with care and confidence. As experienced trial lawyers, our attorneys know what it takes to succeed.

Maintaining open and honest communications with you. Ultimately, even the best representation is useless if the client isn’t happy. We put our clients first and understand that it’s also important to keep you fully informed at all times.

What Are the Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you find out that your case will have to go through litigation (meaning you have to file a personal injury lawsuit), it can be a bit unnerving. Fortunately, our attorneys have spent their careers litigating cases in court. We can walk you through each step in the process and skillfully explain in detail what you need to know. Here’s a brief look at the basic steps in the process.

Pre-litigation negotiations. We start with pre-litigation negotiations. This is where we try to get the at-fault party and their insurance company to pay a settlement. This can take some time, but in general, the goal is to reach an agreement that works for you and gets you paid faster.

The complaint. Next, if negotiations fail, we can initiate a lawsuit by filing what is known as a “Complaint.” This very specific and technical legal document initiates the case. Once filed, it must be served on any defendants named. Once these defendants are given copies of the Complaint, they are aware of your allegations and they have time to respond.

Motions. Sometimes defendants do not come right out and answer the Complaint; instead, they may file motions. These are technical and legal requests for the judge to make certain decisions about evidence, jurisdiction, and other related matters. Once these legal disputes are resolved, the defendant will eventually have to answer the Complaint. At that stage, both sides know what the other side believes happened. Now the case proceeds to the discovery process.

Discovery. Cases are won or lost in discovery. This sometimes lengthy process is where each side of the case gets to ask questions of the opposing parties. Some discovery is done by written questions (also called “interrogatories”). Other discovery is done through oral testimony (called “depositions”). It’s not just the parties who have to answer questions, though. Sometimes, physicians, paramedics, police officers, and experts can be asked to testify or answer questions in discovery. The goal of this process is just what it sounds like – to discover the truth and elicit information. Many cases settle once discovery has begun because this is when each side begins to see the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.

Pre-trial conferences. If the case makes it through discovery without settling, eventually a judge will set the matter for a number of proceedings designed to deal with technical arguments, allowable evidence, and other legal issues that need to be resolved. The case will then be set for a trial.

Trial. Trial in an auto accident or other personal injury case is very different from the types of trials often shown on courtroom TV programs. The standard or “burden of proof” is on you, the injured plaintiff. You must prove your injuries to a jury. Once the trial is over, a judgment will be entered, and the parties must live with the decision.

Evidence that May Be Used in a Fayetteville Car Accident Case

A car accident case can seem fairly simple at first, until you really begin to look at all the evidence that can be involved. Here are just some of the types of evidence that can be crucial to proving your case:

  • Police crash report
  • Accident reconstruction report
  • Witness statements
  • Closed-circuit cameras
  • Traffic cameras
  • Criminal or traffic records
  • Police dash cameras and body cameras
  • 911 recordings
  • Dispatch calls
  • Vehicle crash data recorders
  • Vehicle monitoring data (Verizon Hum, and similar apps and devices that record driving history)
  • Cellphone and text message history
  • Social media posts from the at-fault driver
  • Retained consultants and expert witnesses
  • Physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and hospital staff
  • Defendant’s toxicology report from the hospital
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) report

There are also specialized types of evidence available in semi-truck and commercial vehicle crashes, such as driver log books, federal regulation violations, vehicle recorder data, weigh station receipts, and satellite communication data, among others.

As you can probably tell, there are a lot of ways that we can work to prove your case. Every case is unique, so it’s important to discuss your situation with an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible. The sooner an attorney is involved in gathering evidence, the better your chances of preserving your rights and getting the maximum compensation available after a motor vehicle accident.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim?

North Carolina law puts strict limits on how long you can wait to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for injuries. The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim after a car accident in North Carolina is three years. If a loved one dies due to negligence, you and your family have just two years from the date of death to bring a wrongful death claim.

Now, this may sound like plenty of time, but it can be much shorter than you think. Consider that a serious car crash that causes fractures may require a complex surgery and upwards of six months to a year of medical treatment. While you are still getting physical therapy and incurring huge medical bills, the statute of limitations is silently running out.

Many people find themselves scrambling to call lawyers weeks or days before the statute of limitations runs out. Do not let this be you. It can take a long time to develop a strong case. The longer you delay hiring a car accident lawyer in Fayetteville, the harder it can be to recover compensation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Fayetteville?

If you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, you should know that Strickland Agner Pittman never charges an attorney fee upfront. We also never make our clients front the expenses of handling a case. We advance all costs, such as filing fees, court costs, and expert fees, and we only get paid if we are able to recover compensation for you.

Further, an initial consultation is entirely free, whether we accept your case or not. So you really have nothing to lose by making the call. We are happy to speak with you about your case, even if you aren’t sure yet whether you want to proceed. It’s always better to know your options than to wait too long and find out you’ve lost your rights.

Let Our Law Firm Help with Your Fayetteville Personal Injury Claim

Filing personal injury claim form.Don’t try to cope with a serious injury claim on your own. Remember, insurance companies have teams of attorneys that fight for them every day. You deserve the same.

Our dedicated Fayetteville personal injury lawyers will fight for every bit of compensation you deserve after an accident, including:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income, including reduced earning capacity in the future
  • Damage to property, such as if your car needed to be repaired or replaced
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Any other damages caused by the at-fault party

It is important to know that North Carolina limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim to three years from the date of your injury. That may seem like a long time, but our attorneys will need to begin building your case immediately, before evidence is lost or witnesses’ memories fade.

When you contact our Fayetteville personal injury law firm, our experienced attorneys will provide you with a free consultation with no obligation to you. Our team will review the details of your case, go over your options for seeking compensation and answer any questions you may have.

Contact us now to get started!


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