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Hey thanks for that. To start disassembly it is necessary to remove the nut soldered to the threaded spigot which is part of the lock barrel. A later version with a 'window' to indicate the switch … (I used Servisol Switch Lubricant). Off to the right: Jaeger water temperature gauges. 250 c.c. – Lucas PLC6 Ignition and Lighting Switch. Lucas PLC Series ignition/light switches. ratings) £71.50: £3.10: 29D 21Hrs 25Min 16Sec : Lucas plc6: confair75 (5 of 5 points 254 pos. Spray with a thin coat of primer and a thin coat of satin black and leave to dry. (This is why you needed Step 1) The bezel might come straight off, or it might need some wriggling or even some gentle leverage to get it off the body. Brian Rainbow solves the problem of excessive play between the stub axle and the front axle eye on his TA. It is necessary to squeeze the bezel onto the body against the internal spring so that the tabs on the back of the bezel clear their locating recesses, and then turn the bezel until the tabs align with the notches in the body lip. Inserting the key will enable the lock barrel to be withdrawn. Switch, 3 Position. Place ignition contact ring (Brass contacts down) in off position, then its cover (centre lip up), keeping them aligned; spring (small end on top); and lock cylinder sleeve. LUCAS SPB120 INDICATOR SWITCH. Follow this with the small spring, small end out. Push the bezel and body together against the spring until the tabs on the bezel clear the lip on the body; again, it might need a wriggle or a little leverage, as well as checking the light switch does not foul the lock cylinder sleeve; and then twist until the tabs go into their recesses. This is a quality reproduction of the Lucas PLC5 type switch, 34057, where the position markings are printed on the outside of the switch body. VINTAGE CAR ORIGINAL LUCAS PLC IGN LIGHT SWITCH, PANEL LIGHT BULB HOLDER. © Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia 2011- 2020    Powered by Squarespace, Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia, GPO Box 2365, Sydney NSW 2001, Southern Highlands Christmas Picnic 2020. OE Type, two position toggle switch. These cookies do not store any personal information. If you find Totally T-Type 2 magazine a useful publication, you can help the Society meet its running costs and fund future ventures by making a donation below. To change the lock barrel (difficult to find now), the nut in the centre of the back of the case has to be removed. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. To re-assemble, first lubricate the contact rings. Lucar terminals. Lucas PRS3 Ignition/light switch. Rotate both clockwise so that they stop at the projection on the inside of the case, check that the centre cut-outs line up. 400E JOSEPH LUCAS LIMITED BIRMINGHAM 19 QI. (See photo 1). Ignition key and lock number FS897. A tooth brush with metho does the job. There are two springs inside and so controlled release of the bezel is necessary. Panel mounted. Lucas distributor types PLC ignition switch family - repair. Interior. The Lucas PLC switches fitted to early T-Types were quite robust, and all are of similar construction. Colin Hooper tells us how he chose and fitted flashing indicators on his TD (with a little bit of help from Brian Rainbow). Place its dished metal cover on top, dished side inwards. early lucas plc dual charge switch with key and rare terminal cover. If it hasn’t gone sproing, remove the bits and place on the table in order. The parts which get damaged are: the lock barrel, the switch knob and the bezel. Your email address will not be published. These switches are fitted to T series MGs, Morrises and many other cars. Re: Lucas PLC5 Switch « Reply #5 on: January 16, 2011, 04:15:57 pm » The 3rd wire goes to the ignition warning lamp, So terminal D links the dynamo D terminal with the regulator D terminal and ignition warning light. Place lights contact ring (contacts down) in off position (anti-clockwise against the lug on the body). I left the broken link alone as this problem could be bypassed with a little extra wiring. or Best Offer. The two fingers should fit into the slots in the back of the casing. There are several versions, but they are all essentially the same, and some have more bits than others. 12. 11. A twist of the bezel to line up with the release grooves in the casing should result in a handful of springs, washers and contacts. Some may like to refinish the bezel with new paint and lettering, but this requires more dismantling and much careful detail work, and I don’t think it is worth it, after all, it is an old car. OFF-SIDE-HEAD. Pre-owned. Resolder the thread on the lock cylinder to secure the nut. Genuine Lucas PLC6 ignition/switch. 14. Your explanation about desassembling and assembling the LUCAS PLC5 ignition switch is quite useful because of your comments and photos. 1. – Lucas Part Number: 34055 "No charge" light, Joseph Lucas Ltd. ampere gauge, Sockets for the Trouble Torch (see below), key-operated "PLC" switch (controls ignition, running lights, and headlights), Jaeger oil pressure gauge, and an MG labeled plug. 5. Holden Vintage and Classic Ltd, Linton Trading Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4QT a really attractive switch and rare! There are several versions, but they are all essentially the same, and some have more bits than others. Stick some masking tape on the body and mark the top tab alignment and light switch position with switch off. 2/. Try to hold the bezel against the spring and the body, and gently separate them. 4. 20AMP SPB 200. Secure the clips around the outside of the case with a broad elastic band (see Photo 2). The parts which get damaged are: the lock barrel, the switch knob and the bezel. Straighten the two tabs on the back of, and in the centre of the body. Off/Low/High used on many Magneto ignition / DC electrics models LU31340 Replica Lucas U39 lighting switch. For the next attempt I cleaned it all carefully and sweated solder into the joints and hopefully between the post and the body to hold everything firmly, which seemed to work. Switches and Parts Including Lights, Ignition, Stop Switches, Handlebar Switches and Oil Pressure SwitchesSee Electrical Page for Other Items Part # Description Photo(Click To Enlarge) LU31315 Replica Lucas U39 lighting switch (with large switch knob). Mark both with sliver of tape for locating later. ratings) £76.95: £0.00: 9D 5Hrs 48Min 56Sec : Genuine Lucas PLC5 Ignition Lighting Switch - Enfield Triumph 1930-50's LU34057: britbikesuk (4.95 of 5 points 15044 pos. It is probable that all that is required is cleaning off the dried lube, accumulated dust and grunge so that good electrical contact is restored. As part no. The one you want for your 88" is the LU-031369 at least that is the number in the 1954-57 parts book. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. EUR 33.02. This metal cover has two cut away parts at its edge, the larger one should be against the projection moulded into the case close to its centre, Now ensure that the flat on the inside of the ignition contact ring lines up with the flat on its cover – it could be 90 degrees out. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I am right into Vauxhalls that have the same PLC2 switch for a number of years. 3/. This is essential as otherwise the nut undoes a little every time you switch the ignition off. 6. The switch is well made and is unlikely to have actually worn out. genuine lucas 30608 ignition switch body - ajs bsa norton triumph - 99-0558 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - GENUINE LUCAS 30608 IGNITION SWITCH BODY - AJS BSA NORTON TRIUMPH - 99-0558 Dab some lubricant on the contacts in the case. Add the bottom half of the lock barrel (4). plc switch wire retaining clip, fits all Lucas PLC2, PLC5 and PLC6 (our 836 and 836A) switches, overall dimensions 45mm x 55mm, 1.5mm thick wire. Note that the lock barrel has a flat section at the thread end, this means that it only inserts correctly in one position. The breakdown of a PLC panel switch may be due to several possible causes, and when no replacement is immediately available, means must be sought of making a serviceable repair. Lucas 47SA 31973 Key Switch £18.08 each view and buy. 8. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Repairing a Lucas PLC Ignition Switch The terminology for parts is based on Fig 4 in Repairing a PLC Switch which should be referred to first.. Leave to dry, fill these areas again as before until the lettering is complete. The bezel and turn knob can also be cleaned. Diana The If the tabs on the lock cylinder sleeve are really good they can be bent back into place. The unit had been damaged and the ignition terminal post was loose, this making an unreliable contact internally; and an external link between terminals broken and bent. The MG 'T' Society is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers. OE Type, three position toggle switch. To change the lock barrel (difficult to find now), the nut in the centre of the back of the case has to be removed. The components were dirty with hard deposits of old Lucas grease, I cleaned all this with isopropyl alcohol, and had the bezel re-chromed. This nut is located between the two centre terminals on the rear of the switch case. Drop those into the recess in the body first, followed by the metal cover (2) and the spring (3). Sit back and admire your handiwork. While still hot turn the nut a bit before the solder cools; it will take several goes. 1/. manufacture is reproducing them today. To remove the solder hold a soldering iron near vertical in a vise and hold the unit against it, and let gravity do the work. Extend the life of your SU fuel pump – Fit a transil. LUCAS PS7 STYLE PULL SWITCH. 4/. The Lucas PLC switches fitted to early T-Types were quite robust, and all are of similar construction. 2. Where do I go now? It may also help to warm the socket with the iron. One, 5/8 inch wide for the groove adjacent to a grub screw socket and one ¾ inch wide for the other, I used welding wire. This will remove some paint from the lettering grooves. Lucas SPB104 £13.86 each view and buy. The knob will now be in the ‘Lamps Head’ position, check that the four knob positions can be achieved. Comes with everything as pictured including 2 keys, mounting c Now Lucas the O.E.M. This switch is designed such that it will work correctly with self-parking 2 speed Lucas wiper motors The switch has a 20mm long black lever and chrome bezel. A short feature on a well known TD/TF Technical Specialist. The Editor features this Northern Californian based Club. Make two clips to fit into the groves on opposite sides of the switch case to hold the SRBP washer with the centre cut-out and contact ring. Line up the flat near the end of the barrel with those of the ignition ring and its cover and insert the barrel into its housing. To change the lock barrel (difficult to find now), the nut in the centre of the back of the case has to be removed. Insert the key in the lock barrel. Genuine Lucas PLC5 Ignition and lighting switch LU34057, PLC5: bsa111 (4.95 of 5 points 115266 pos. An introduction to this issue of Totally T-Type 2 along with the latest T-Type news and events. Each. The bezel will need painting and lettering. Lucas 34790 dip switch £24.32 each view and buy. Switches & Controls for Sale . Note the position of the moulded projection in the centre of the switch case as viewed looking into the switch for later location of the lock barrel tube. Slight wriggling might be necessary to achieve this. LIGHTING SWITCHES 'G2M' LUCAS and MOTOR CYCLE IS U39—continued EXCELSIOR 250 'J4' 250 c.c. Price: £11.75. OFF-SIDE-HEAD, requires 53mm diameter hole and secures in place with clip. Fascia … 5/. Note from photo 2 that the cut out in the centre of the SRBP ring at 9 o’clock is smaller than the other three and the projections at 2 and 5 o’clock are the same width but narrower than those opposite. Check that the flat on the ignition contacts ring are in line with that of its cover as in 6/. This is a Lucas PLC2 lighting and ignition switch, it is in good condition and works, the lighting switch has four switch positions Head Side 1 2. Use minimal solder to avoid short circuits. 6/. Lucas SPB106 Push Starter switch black (AC HORN BUTTON). If not, start again. The parts which get damaged are: the lock barrel, the switch knob and the bezel. Ease together until the bezel is firmly home and rotate it anticlockwise (viewed from the knob) until the bezel stop is reached. For two speed wipers. Price: £20.70. LUCAS TOGGLE SWITCH 35927 FOR 2 SPEED WIPER. 19. These hold the sleeve which carries the lock cylinder and are made of muck metal so you need to be very careful bending them. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It was so helpful for me, I am restoring an early Sunbeam S7. These switches are fitted to T series MGs, Morrises and many other cars. This means that the knob will only fit in one position. Incorporates terminal to cut out ignition circuit. Price: $18.00. Some may not work because of accumulated dirt. Supplied with keys. Lucas 47SA 34680 Key Switch £22.29 each view and buy. By Rees Mackay. Test the unit, noting all the connections across all the terminals, including the blind ones, in all positions, so that it can be re-assembled correctly. Mounting hole centres 2 1/8" Price: £29.79; 356 Lucas SSB 104 master switch. From United Kingdom. Look into the centre of the lock barrel holder and ensure that the flats on the inside of the ignition contact ring and its cover still line up. 17. Lucas plc 5 ignition / light switch : confair75 (5 of 5 points 255 pos. To do this, mask the edges and carefully take the shine off the centre lettered area using fine wet and dry paper. The tape marks for the bezel location should be coincident and the knob should locate in the grooves when in the ‘Lamps Side’ position. Switch has been chemically cleaned, it has also been tested with a multimeter so I can confirm it works correctly. Marked with Lucas part number 344863. Push the cylinder home against its spring, then fit washer and nut until it is firm but not tight (the cylinder and nut turn with the key). It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 9/. Place the large contact ring into the case followed by the large SRBP washer with cut outs. VIEW DETAILS. Remove the pen. 9. A book review, an update on polyurethane bushes for the TC and TD/TF and the UK legal position on the fitting of radiator mascots and calorimeters explained. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 7. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. As fitted to numerous Classic Motorcycles 1930s to 1950s. I used a gas soldering iron to heat until the solder melted and then sucked away the solder with a solder sucker. 1962-63-64-65 oldsmobile windshield wiper switch in box nos '1993568(US $50.00) ratings) £71.50: £3.10: 5D 17Hrs 45Min 13Sec : Replica Lucas PLC6 Switch, Triumph, Sunbeam, Ariel: wynnen2 (4.95 of 5 points 41744 pos. Place the small insulation backed ignition contact ring into the case with contacts in location. Bob Butson deals with his engine and gearbox rebuild and tells how he overcame the inevitable snags. Export Clean the unit, particularly around the groove at the back of the bezel where tabs will be seen holding the chrome bezel onto the bakelite body of the switch. With a fine brush, fill the grooves of the lettering with white emulsion paint and remove the surplus with damp lint free cotton material stretched over a finger. OFF/ON. The cover can be moved with a small screwdriver. Was fitted to MGB/MGB GT & MGC, amongst others 1937-39. The light switch needs to be in the correct position to match the lights contact ring, and the bezel to match the notches in the body. OFF/ON/ON. this switch is large and quite heavy as it incorporates these multi functions and it is at a low price for the unique features it has. Should things not work out at this stage, break for coffee and start again. Your email address will not be published. The lock body cover has cut away parts on its inside end, with fingers either side. Screw on the nut (6BA) it can be soldered or locked with another nut. With luck the lock can be rotated to complete the ignition circuit. Bob Butson tells you how to disassemble and put back together the components of the PLC 2 switch. My first attempt at dismantling and reassembly took the best part of a day, the second half an hour. Lucas Parts . new genuine lucas plc6 lighting and ignition switch in green lucas box. Check that the ignition contact ring and cover are still in alignment and insert the lock cylinder. Remove the solder from the nut in the centre of the unit, this is on the end of the lock cylinder, and holds it together. 8/. 3. 18. Lucas type toggle switch providing Off-on-on functions. Screw type wire connections. Again the tooth brush with metho does the job. Place the knob into the bezel then put on the circlip cover dished side out, then the circlip, followed by the large plain SRBP washer then the large spring, with small end against the washer. The Editor explains why fitting a transil to your SU pump is beneficial to the pump’s points and offers a transil kit on a non-profit making basis. 10. Screw type wire connections, and supplied with 2 … 200 c.c. Used for running lights, electric fans, electric fuel pump. One side is deeper than the other which should line up with the small moulded projection near the centre of the case. Sufficient solder can be removed this way to enable the nut to be unthreaded. Take a note of the order in which the switch comes apart as some time may elapse before the bezel is restored. 355R Lucas SSB103 style master switch. The nut is probably 6BA (or 5mm fits) and you need a tube spanner or ground down socket to fit between the terminals. 1939. APPLICATION 1939. Must be connected to earth side of battery. details 318341 - spade ignition key Customs services and international tracking provided +EUR 12.30 postage estimate. 'Talisman Twin' JAMES 1939. Requires 53mm diameter hole, and secures in place with clip. Used for two different speed controls. For the repairs I needed I opted to try the minimum first, peening the rolled end of the post over more to take up the looseness, but this did not last long. At this stage the switch is being held together by its bezel. PLC PLC PLC2 PLC2 PLC2 PLC5 PLC5 PLC5 PLC5 PLC6 SWITCHES Model Reference Ordering No. Remove the two clips. Carefully place bezel with attached spring in position, guided by the marks from Step 2. The Image on the left is the PLC-6 L133 (LU-34035) the correct one for the 80" The image on the Right is the PLC-6 LU-34055 the correct one for MG etc. Lucas PRS3 Ignition/light switch. You can now dismantle the body of the switch. Price: £16.50. Battery Master Switches. Required fields are marked *. There is a tiny washer under the nut. plc switch wire retaining clip, fits all Lucas PLC2, PLC5 and PLC6 (our 836 and 836A) switches, overall dimensions 45mm x 55mm, 1.5mm thick wire. Vintage Lucas PLC Lighting / Ignition Switch Spring - … Bakelite responds well to a light rubbing with cutting compound. Requires hole 14.5 mm diameter. Replica Lucas PLC5 ignition/light switch. It took me a few old switches to find out how they come apart, the problem to me is the casine knobs of the 1940 to 1948 switches, most of them are really stuffed and I’m sure there are no replacements. For a long time this switch was nearly impossible to find. Dashboard, gauges & fittings (BW catalogue) Door trim pattern - PA Floorboards - drawing PA Footrest - PA K1, K2, KN, & ND Instrument panel Mirror - rear view Toolbox catch Upholstry & fittings (BW catalogue) Manuals. It should not rock when pressed fully in, it is essential to get this orientation correct. Lucas Industries plc was a Birmingham-based British manufacturer of motor industry and aerospace industry components. Use tape to mark this. Price: £32.95. To replace the knob, or bezel the switch has to be disassembled. Eric Worpe describes how the XPAG bellows type thermostat works in conjunction with the bypass and explains how he made a replacement. Switch, 2 Position. The Lucas PLC switches fitted to early T-Types, were quite robust, all are of similar construction. from looking on google it says the black shadow and rapide though may fit other classic motorcycles as well. Price: £51.00. Now to the tricky part: how to fit together. Again ensure that the contact ring and its covering washer are rotated fully clockwise so that the cut away parts line up. LUCAS SPB140 TYPE HORN AND DIP SWITCH. In the original 1932 Cowley the lighting/charging switch together with the original Lucas CF1 two terminal (A and +D) form of cut out (see picture) offered only low and high output options for the dynamotor output; it had no inbuilt resistors (because there was one in the Dynamotor itself) and it therefore served only as a cut out. To replace the knob, or bezel the switch has to be disassembled. Rated at 10 amps on 12 volt systems. Classic motorcycle replacement parts and spares. -11 Q7-9 Q5-11 Q5-11 Q5-11 Q5-11 Q5-11 Q9 Q7-11 Q5-11 Q5-11.. Q5 & 9 Q5-11 Q5-9 ... No. The left-back has been out with an ankle issue since … Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Repairing a PLC Switch (With acknowledgements to the wartime issue of "Automobile Electricity" 1940)The breakdown of a PLC panel switch may be due to several possible causes, and when no replacement is immediately available, means must be sought of making a ser­ viceable repair. The trademarks "Lucas" and the Diagonal Device are owned by Lucas Industries Limited New Production Lucas PLC5 Lighting / Ignition Switch. I have had excellent service from these switches, with never a problem until recently (which you can’t blame on Lucas). Check for fractures in the tabs. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. There is probably a proper lubricant, but I used petroleum jelly. First orientate the bezel so that its lugs fit the grooves in the case, because of the position of the lugs this can only be done in one position. Test all the connections in all switch locations to ensure the various bits are in the correct relationship. pt no lu34055,plc6. PLC 6 REASSEMBLY To reassemble the switch first start with the key switch contact “bridge” (1) (also known as the ignition contact ring). 16. OEM: 34057, PLC5. The PLC2 which came with TA0844 was intact with internals in good shape but the bezel will need to be re-chromed. Quantity: Add to Wishlist. Fit the two wire clips in the grooves moulded into the sides of the switch case to retain the plain washer and large contact ring in position when pressed fully in. The small SRBF washer is balanced on top. If not, leave them as the tabs stop the sleeve turning and the nut holds everything in place anyway. At this point it might go sproing and you will be left with the bits all over the table, hence the need for Step 2. 7/. With the key in place, remove the lock cylinder. 15. 20. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Place a ballpoint pen through the centre of this assembly and slide the mazak lock body cover over the pen. Do not despair if you have lost the masking tape and the relationships, it is possible to work out which goes where as there are different offsets – it just takes time. Is the best study on the web so far. 13. Hold the body with the open face up. Lucas Digne has posted a video message updating Everton supporters on his injury recovery. There is only one position where the knob will fit. Lucas 54316731 Lock and Keys view and buy. With the large spring and the large SRBP washer on the inside of the switch knob, place the assembly into the switch case locating the narrow slots on the switch knob with the ones on the large contact ring and washer.

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