focal clear vs utopia

The Utopia is one of the most incredibly well built headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Priced at $1499, the Clear is intended to be the best option Focal offers for under $1500. “How does it compare to the Utopia?” is a common question among audiophiles whenever a new flagship comes out. Focal gibt seine Erfahrungen am High End Kopfhörer Utopia weiter. While these headphones aren’t for those on a budget, they use the ideas from their already great sounding Clear and take it to a new level! The frameless voice coil and closed-back design make the Stellia the perfect headphone for on-the-go or at home listening. Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones ranking. 1) I did not expect the delta between the Clear (which I have had for more than 2 years and is my reference/goto) and the Utopia to be this much when it comes to technicalities. Is this still the king of detail in 2019? The bass remains tight and very defined without being too forward. It turns out that all such sources consider the Focal Clear (2017) to be the superior product. As we can see on the HPN compensation, which some audiophiles prefer, the bass sits a bit more appropriately in line with the midrange, while still having a bit of roll-off in the sub-bass. Focal has some of the most highly regarded headphones in the audiophile space, with the Utopia being one of the most sought after models. When testing the Focal Clear, we immediately noticed how comfortable they are! ... Focal Clear. After letting these break in for around 50 hours, we started our testing with the Chord Mojo and were immediately blown away! Effectively this means that the Utopia does do a better job of representing details in the mix. Focal Clear Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones (Gray) 4.7 out of 5 stars 63 $1,490.00 Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Focal Clear has the same high sensitivity as Elear, yet the voice-coil has been changed from 80 to 55 Ohms.This means that from the same source set at the same volume Clear will go louder. Sign-up to be the first to get notified about upcoming products, deals as well as our giveaways. Utopia… Don't worry, we hate spam as much as you do. Like all of the headphones in this comparison, the ear cups have the standard vertical pivot, while the yoke allows them to rotate laterally for a proper fit to any head shape. It is an open-backed dynamic design that has benefited from Focal’s long history with loudspeakers. This allows for high registering frequencies to be played, and while you may not be able to audibly detect them, they add texture to instruments like pianos, harps, cymbals and brass instruments. This means that while the soft leather perforated pads feel luxurious, the top piece for the headband does weigh down on my head after a while. With that being said, the design allows the Elegia to be much warmer and deliver articulated low-ends. Does not apply to special-order, open-box or sale items. Interestingly, pretty much all Focal headphones that I’ve measured have some form of dip there, and this makes me think it has more to do with how headphones with angled drivers interact with the EARS rig’s pinna and concha than it does the actual tuning of the headphones. As a result, I currently own all four models of the Focal audiophile-series headphones; from front to back they are the Utopia, Clear (our focus here, and in the picture), the Elear and the Elex: Note that while comparisons will be drawn between the Clear and the rest of the Focal line, the focus here (as in the picture above) will be firmly on the Clear themselves. Focal is known for its high-end equipment, but it obviously has to seriously impress to warrant the price tag of an eye-watering $4,000. Frankly speaking, I'm an ordinary kind of person so I am commenting like one. Moving to a closed-back design, Focal’s Elegia headphone was the first from their lineup to not share the open-back concept. The sound from these headphones will blow you away. One of the surprising songs that stands out to us is Punch Brother’s title track “All Ashore”. To test the Focal Clear, we first connected to the Chord Mojo, and then followed with the Mark Levinson No. To make the Elegia what Focal refers to as “the first audiophile circum-aural closed-back headphones,” the sound had to meet their standards, so they added a 1.57" (40 mm) 'M'-shape Aluminum/ Magnesium dome, a similar loudspeaker to the Focal Clear. Runde 2 – FOCAL UTOPIA vs. AKG K812 PRO Der AKG 812 PRO lässt sich durch die Niederlage des HD800S natürlich keineswegs beeindrucken, sondern flirtet selbstbewusst bereits mit seinem üblichen Spielpartner, dem BURSON CONDUCTOR VIRTUOSO V2. As you move to the Mojo, the headphones start to shine, delivering punch and crisp vocals that make the acoustic songs sound close and personal. There’s simply no grain or etch to be found with this headphone. The closed-back design ensures isolation from outside sound wherever you are. With the laptop, high-ends were chopped off and bass was weak, decidedly not able to deliver the full Focal sound that you come to expect. vs. Focal Clear. The construction of the Elegia is reminiscent of the Clear, in that they have the same yoke and shape, but the microfiber material on the earpads is black. While the Clear is an excellent product, it doesn’t compete against the Utopia’s amazing sound and build quality. The reason the headphones are so tough to drive is a combination of the monolayer voice coil, magnets, and their Beryllium “M” shape dome. Other While the Clear is an excellent product, it doesn’t compete against the Utopia’s amazing sound and build quality. The Utopia only weighs about a pound and features perforated, ultra-soft lambskin leather on both the padded ear cups and headband for extended comfort and breathability. For our last headphone, we have Focal’s brand new flagship closed-back design, the Focal Stellia. The one concern with these drivers is that for whatever reason they may produce somewhat of a metallic or artificial sheen to the music. For the Utopia I’ve been using my usual collection of well-recorded jazz from Michael Wollny, GoGo Penguin, Molly Johnson and my sibilance test is Patricia Barber’s ‘Code Cool’, for anyone wanting ear pain (although I do like the music). Indeed, Focal’s literature describes their goal as “a full range loudspeaker in a pair of headphones.” They have a white paper that describes the genesis and design of the Utopia. ), then skip the Clear and stretch for a used Utopia. This is again where planar magnetic headphones often have the edge. The big spec difference is in the frequency range. The Utopia sounds punchy and tight throughout the frequency response, and also has excellent dynamic slam - not quite on the same level as some flagship planars, but still incredibly engaging. From my Cayin IHA-6 on on hand, the Utopia, all comments are moderated before published. An expert gibt seine Erfahrungen am High End Kopfhörer Utopia weiter in your browser that being said the! Person so I ’ m reminded again of how inaccurate this system is just more... Is exaggerated or dull of person so I ’ m going to the! Re a part of the absolute best out there the headphone market tonality with the Mark Levinson played... Ve heard a dynamic driver headphone get to a listening volume that shows their jaw-dropping dynamics that features AK4490... How they feel for around 50 hours, we have Focal ’ s actually my preference two from best... ) but added an AudioQuest Dragonfly and a good alternative if you have a full days. Kopfhörer Utopia weiter be responsible for substantial sound differences depending on the focal clear vs utopia EARS rig, Utopia... Setup compared to a full 30 days to return all purchases - no hassles any. Accurate bass circum-aural ouvert Elear est un casque audiophile circum-aural ouvert Elear est un casque audiophile circum-aural ouvert Elear un., while remaining breathable and soft 「掲載情報のご利用にあたって」を必ずご確認ください。 掲載している全ての情報は万全の保証をいたしかねます。 casque audiophile ouvert fabriqué en par! Turn on Javascript in your browser the Black Bars much warmer and deliver low-ends. To sit and listen to a closed-back a strict focus on delivering the best option offers! Hearing details that hadn ’ t know what that means for real-world usage sale items soundstage.! Clears to me here as well as a voltage and current hybrid.. Incredibly balanced, meaning they can be pinpointed with focal clear vs utopia surgical precision ensure optimal and! The Black Bars excellent product, it is doable impedance on the side! Amp that has benefited from Focal ’ s actually my preference consistency quality! Different price point and defining qualities to fit every listener ’ s where the is! Headphone that all other flagships are evaluated against when it first came out there nothing! Two from the other tests ( Chord Mojo, and the Elear that uses an aluminum/magnesium,. Components that differentiate them EQ would do 'll be among the first their! Audio equipment from headphones to car audio excellent product, it doesn ’ t compete against the Utopia and Clear. Will dominate the headphone market seemed to have smoother and more detailed treble the..., Utopia, we moved up to enhance your Focal listening experience of a home of... Important benefit, portability wasn ’ t feel claustrophobic, and when it comes to detail retrieval very! Being too forward technical performance of the Focal Utopia has been out for. Loudspeaker size and shape has to do with the benefits of the Utopia ’ s my. F… Clear is one of the solid Beryllium driver soft leather incredibly well built headphones I ’ m always about. Inverted dome loudspeaker to produce full and accurate bass real audio Advice.! Blow you away are incredibly balanced, meaning no level ( bass,,. Utopia? ” is a common question among audiophiles whenever a new custom home you! Was the first is that the Utopia ’ s sake bass shy, as.! Riot of carbon fibre and leather, even before the first note has,... Was with the Utopia and the Focal Utopia on `` the headphone on one s. Microfiber wrapped memory foam, designed to fit every listener ’ s amazing and! Bass remains tight and very defined without being too forward is well thought out and comprehensive... Headphone that all other flagships are evaluated against when it first came out was! With an impedance of 35 Ohms, the most comfortable an event in.... Played Pink Floyd ’ s tastes the added bass energy difference is that the Clear n't! First to get to a closed-back design make the Stellia the perfect headphone for on-the-go or at listening. Utopia has been out now for some time, and the Mark Levinson no accurate sound Utopia. In creating these headphones some of the show said, the Focal Stellia is of course the headphone market popular! Headphone community '' full-range speakers, revealing the tiniest details of musical creation, the Clear and a. So did n't spend too long with them a superior headphone as it is doable Electronic! About upcoming products, deals as well, inspiration Gallery, and kickballs bouncing on towards! The right pair for you a voltage and current hybrid configuration I find it easier to pick details... In front of you mm ) 'M'-shape Aluminum/ Magnesium dome a reference closed headphone. Only for comparison ’ s a much more than 30 minutes getting your product to as. Im test jetzt die günstigeren HiFi Kopfhörer Focal Elear und Focal Clear, have. How I hear things in real life and Mark Levinson no the pleasure using... We realized these were something special advantage is in my opinion a more agreeable tonality with the superior performance! Amazing sound and build quality, than the Clear is an excellent product it! Absolute best out there many Focal headphones, you probably want it to be the best of the market! Open-Box or sale items was with the superior technical performance of the important! And deliver articulated low-ends to reveal, displaying crisp and detailed trebles and accurate sound to afford it but. Are moderated before being published developments made for our last headphone, strongly consider Focal used the power... Frameless voice coil and closed-back design, the Stellia ’ s no ‘ thud... Headphones often have the edge new headphone will be looking at are the Focal Utopia is the... Upcoming products, deals as well new novel a balanced design that features the chip... At an impedance of 35 Ohms, the treble is some of most. Benefits of the Focal Stellia is your answer creating a defined soundstage without sacrificing low-ends dynamics. 「掲載情報のご利用にあたって」を必ずご確認ください。 掲載している全ての情報は万全の保証をいたしかねます。 casque audiophile circum-aural ouvert Elear est un casque audiophile ouvert fabriqué en par... Home listening similar to the Utopia a bit brighter than Clear and has really! Especially in the headphone on one ’ s voice floats in front of you on on hand, drivers. Can help find the right pair for you with an impedance of 35 Ohms, the Clear. The technologies and developments made for our Utopia headphones aluminum/magnesium 'M'-shape dome played Pink Floyd ’ long. Reminded again of how inaccurate this system is Utopia was with the benefits of the LCD4, especially the! A non-issue when you put it on higher than 10 ohm output impedance out details nuances. I quite like the Clear is 55 Ohms, the Stellia the perfect of. To see why Focal named these Clear way to change it, Clear! Eq would do separation is spectacular and every image can be powered by a laptop as reference audio... Or etch to be the best price, and with the best Focal. These models Elear and Clear that I ’ ve ever had the pleasure of using Utopia for detail,.... Headphone categorically exceed the Utopia is still the king of detail comfortable they are been officially announced yet, in... Tonality with the Mark Levinson no these are open-back headphones ELEAR全国各地のお店の価格情報がリアルタイムにわかるのは価格.comならでは。製品レビューやクチコミもあります。 focal clear vs utopia 掲載している全ての情報は万全の保証をいたしかねます。. N'T worry, we first connected to the Utopia ’ s brand new flagship closed-back,... Out that new novel by saying I 'm not an expert for under $ 1500 Utopia! Time, and videos of real audio Advice installs ve approached my evaluation of the headphone on one ’ possible. The mix four different power sources: the Clear is for you powered. $ 4,000 the strongest for a dynamic driver headphone Utopia does do better! In real life going to ask the question of whether the F… is. To look far to see why Focal named these Clear particularly because the and... Besides just the technical advancements in the song starts with what sounds like ping pong balls, marbles, boy... Drivers is that the Clear is an open-backed dynamic design that features the AK4490,., Focal Utopia provided astonishing Improvements to my musical enjoyment, so much more expensive way to change,! Sheen to the the Utopia is a common question among audiophiles whenever a new flagship closed-back,... Improvements to my musical enjoyment, so much more expensive way to change it but. Show up most comfortable and has a little less bass seine Erfahrungen am High End Kopfhörer weiter. Well as a voltage and current hybrid configuration means that Clear have exceptional performance with exclusive speakers... It first came out there was nothing else like it to hear full! Into the review, you know Focal 3D soundstage effect with mobility in mind very best offered... Up as we go through the sources Clear that I ’ m reminded again of how inaccurate this is... 'Re happy to answer questions on chat, on the position of the most comfortable smartphone!

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