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 DWI legal assistance in Kinston Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense that has long-term consequences if you get convicted. The fines and court costs can be a heavy blow to your finances.

What’s worse, you could lose your driving privileges, have a difficult time finding employment, or face jail time. To have a better chance of minimizing penalties, you need the help of an experienced DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC.

Reasons to Hire a DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC

You might think that hiring a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC is an unnecessary expense. However, if you aren’t represented by a qualified DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC, it will be more costly in the long run.

A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Provides Explanations

Most laymen do not have a thorough understanding of the complex laws involving DWI. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC will be able to explain to you the consequences of having a DWI conviction in your record.

A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC can inform you about your options and recommend the best course of action. Hiring a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC is especially important if it’s your first time being arrested for driving while intoxicated.

A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Can Fight for Your Favorable Outcome

You can turn to a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC to negotiate on your behalf to make penalties less severe. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC can reach a plea deal with a shorter jail sentence. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC can also negotiate to reduce the fees you will need to pay if you injured another person.

A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Will Protect Your Rights

In DWI cases, it can be easy for your rights to be violated. Because a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC has extensive knowledge of the law, he or she knows how to get your case dismissed due to illegal practices.

Examples of these are unlawful traffic stops and illegal police interrogation tactics. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC can also question if there was a lack of probable cause for the police officer to request a breath test.

A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Can Challenge Test Results

It’s possible that the chemical test used to determine your blood alcohol level may be inaccurate. The breathalyzer used on you might have been faulty, or the officer might have used the device incorrectly, resulting in a false positive. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC can look into the evidence to maneuver the case to your advantage.

  • A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Will Stay Unbiased

Getting arrested for driving while intoxicated is an extremely stressful experience, and your ability to make good decisions may be affected. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC will provide an impartial perspective so that you can make informed choices regarding your case. You can count on a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC to focus on facts to build a strong defense.

  • A DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC Helps Keep Your Record Clean

Employers ask job applicants if they have been convicted of a crime. Having a DWI on your record makes it hard to land a job.

You can consult with a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC to find out if you are eligible to have your record expunged. A DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC will inform you about the requirements to clear your criminal record and restore your legal status to what it was before the arrest.

  • Find the Right DWI Attorney in Goldsboro, NC to Represent You

Now that you understand the benefits of being represented by a DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC, you know that you shouldn’t hesitate to hire one to assist you. If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, reach out to Strickland, Agner & Associates. Our DWI attorney in Goldsboro, NC will work on your defense to get the best possible outcome.

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The legal system can be one of the trickiest fields to navigate. This is why if you are facing a legal matter, hiring someone who can provide high-quality and compassionate legal assistance is the wisest thing to do. You get exactly that and more at Strickland, Agner & Associates.

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Strickland, Agner & Associates is a company of attorneys who are all dedicated to giving their clients the legal help they need and deserve. We handle various legal cases with the goal of doing everything possible to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients. Because of our commitment to excellence and the well-being of the people we work with, we were able to make a name for ourselves in the sector.

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Our time working in the legal industry has rewarded us with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. As purveyors of justice, we then leverage these gains to help steer the cases of our clients toward a favorable resolution. Whether you are taken advantage of or accused of an alleged offense, we will do whatever we can to protect your rights and represent your best interests.

Our Areas of Practice

At Strickland, Agner & Associates, we aim to deliver top-tier, personalized legal solutions to residents in Goldsboro, NC and surrounding areas. Those who have a legal case on their hands can depend on us to handle the following:

Personal Injury

An individual may be entitled to legal compensation if he or she sustains an injury in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness and negligence. Time is of the essence in situations like this. If you hire us to pursue your personal injury claim, we will do our best in increasing your chances of getting high compensation as soon as possible, depending on your circumstances.

Workers’ Compensation

It’s the job of an employer to ensure the safety and well-being of his or her employees while they are inside the office. When an employee suffers from an illness or gets an injury because of his or her company’s negligence, a workers’ compensation claim is in order.

Our attorneys have a solid background in the ins and outs of workers’ compensation. Should you hire us to navigate this area of law, we will use every resource available to help make sure that you are properly paid what you are owed.

Family Law

In matters of family, emotions often cloud our best judgments. This makes it hard to stay objective and calm when you are faced with a family law case. The good news is you can make things easier for yourself by hiring us to help with your family law issue.

At Strickland, Agner & Associates, we understand the emotional strain that legal disputes in a family can bring. Whether your marriage is heading toward divorce or you are experiencing abuse from a relative, our attorneys are ready to help you get through your difficult time.

Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime, no matter the intensity, can impact your reputation and self-esteem in big ways. Getting accused of an offense is generally scary and embarrassing, and if you have no experience in the criminal justice system, you will want someone qualified and capable to protect your rights.

Our attorneys are well aware of what is at stake for an accused individual and his or her family. With this in mind, they carefully study every angle of the situation and work tirelessly to present your claim in the best light. Those who work with us can have peace of mind knowing we will vigorously seek to obtain the outcome they deserve to the best of our ability.

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